Gears Screencast: An Introductory Tutorial

Using a JavaScript API to cache web pages offline, interact with a client side database and introduce threading into your application isn't immediately intuitive because it's such a foreign concept for a web API. I remember when I was doing my first work with Gears -- I was a bit disoriented and in need of a walk through of how things work and why.

To help potential Gears users that feel like my 7-month-ago-self, I wrote a tutorial application that uses a minimal amount of non-Gears code. This application is a simple stock ticker that makes use of 5 of the Gears modules; LocalServer, Database, WorkerPool, Timer, and HTTPRequest.

But a standalone application can't teach someone -- it needs some explaining. Long articles generally lose my attention, so my media of choice was video. I made a screen cast where I walk through the code in three steps, which you can find here. There's also a zip file that contains the three steps of code so you can take a look at the code on your own. Please note that there is a PHP file that is required for the application to work, so you will need a server that runs PHP in order to use this code on your own!