What's new with Google Gears? A Tech Talk

Brad Neuberg and Ben Lisbakken of the Gears team gave a brown bag talk on some of the new and interesting features in Gears.

They show a lot of examples and tools such as:
  • PubTools: Brad developed this set of tools to enable offline caching of content in minutes. This is perfect if you have a set of content that you want to make available offline.

  • Google Gears for Mobile: Just yesterday we launched our first Google mobile application using Gears, with Picasa

  • Cross Domain Web Services: A good example using Flickr search

  • Dojo Storage has just had a new release so it plays in the new Dojo 1.x land, and has a Gears storage engine

  • blog.gears: Pamela Fox did a great job with this GData/Gears blogging application

  • Gears + Greasemonkey = GearsMonkey

It is fun to hear some of the fellow Googlers probe with their own questions!

Brad and Ben will both be at Google I/O, May 28-29, 2008, in San Francisco. We are keen to hear your thoughts on Gears and the Open Web.